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    Imposing losses on bank bondholders is no bad thing

    In 1931, the failure of Austria’s Creditanstalt led to bank runs across Europe — and arguably turned a post-crash recessionJames Mackintosh

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    Pay gap between London and rest of UK narrows

    Workers who live in London have suffered a worse wage squeeze than those in any other UK region since the crash, even as theSarah O’Connor

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    Mexico's energy reform: do the numbers add up?

    Mexico’s oil liberalisation is now well under way, with a second lot - nine fields grouped into five blocks now being put upJude Webber

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    BAT sues PwC over pollution liabilities

    British American Tobacco is changing its auditor after 17 years, because it has filed a suit against PwC over historicKadhim Shubber and Harriet Agnew

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    Deutsche Bank co-chief Fitschen to stand trial in Kirch case

    Deutsche Bank’s co-chief executive, Jürgen Fitschen, is to stand trial in Germany on charges relating to a long-runningJames Shotter in Frankfurt

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    Oligarch’s oil deal caught in sanctions crossfire

    Fridman’s North Sea oil deal As first days at work go, Monday was eventful even by the standards of someone as experiencedChristopher Adams and Jim Pickard

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    Nemtsov, Putin and a climate of fear

    Boris Nemtsov was shot dead amid a growing climate of fear in Russia under President Vladimir Putin. John Thornhill, FT5m 37secs

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    BoE knocked over forex inquiry

    The Bank of England failed to investigate properly its role in the alleged manipulation of the foreign exchange market afterElizabeth Rigby and Caroline Binham

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    Small businesses gear up for RBS legal action

    A group of small businesses that claim to have been pushed to the brink of collapse by Royal Bank of Scotland’sEmma Dunkley

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    How to sing

    How do actors prepare for singing roles on stage and screen? And how do they learn to imitate a real-life star? The FT's10m 26secs

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