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    Sturgeon to launch ‘business pledge’ programme

    Scotland is launching a programme that will give special government support to companies that promise to pay a “living wage”Mure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    Scottish Nationalists must do better on education standards

    Scotland’s first minister has promised to make improving the country’s education system an SNP priority, amid growingMure Dickie

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    Rich nations told they are failing world’s poorest

    Rich countries are failing the world’s poorest by targeting insufficient aid to the least developed nations, a leadingFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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    Cameron to push ahead with extension of Right to Buy scheme

    David Cameron will push ahead with plans to extend a subsidised house-buying scheme to 1.3m housing association tenants,Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

  2. beyondbrics



    Fighting poverty by mobilising domestic resources

    This year, global leaders could set the world on a path to overcoming extreme poverty by 2030. Achieving this will requireEloise Todd, ONE Campaign

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    Boston-based life healthcare technology group seeks London IPO

    A Boston-based healthcare technology company whose board includes high-profile business leaders including Chris ViehbacherAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

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    Calpers and Calstrs urge G7 to back emissions goal

    The chief executives of US public pension giants, Calpers and Calstrs, have taken the unusual step of urging G7 financePilita Clark in London

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    Procter & Gamble puts skin in 3D bioprinting game

    Forget 3D printing of cheap plastic figurines and toys, the next frontier for the technology involves printing living humanTanya Powley, Manufacturing Correspondent

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    Billionaire report highlights steady rise of Asia

    Europe has slipped behind Asia as a hub for billionaires after failing to keep pace with the “entrepreneurial explosion”Emma Dunkley

  7. 2 hours ago

    UK housebuilders set for growth as election jitters subside

    When Berkeley Group chairman Tony Pidgley sold £18.7m worth of stock in the company five days before the UK election thisElizabeth Paton

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