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    Harriet Green in charity payout pledge

    Harriet Green, the former Thomas Cook chief executive who is due to receive up to 7m shares from the company in July, hasKadhim Shubber

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    Best of times for jeweller Tiffany

    It’s a tale of two cities in the US luxury goods sector. While jeweller Tiffany shone and was one of the best performingPan Kwan Yuk in New York

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    Generali: generally getting there

    Nearly three years into the job, and Generali boss Mario Greco has hit so many of the targets he set for the Italian insurer

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    Michael Kors plunges on sales outlook

    Michael Kors shares fell as much as 24 per cent on Wednesday, after the luxury retailer warned that same-store sales growthEric Platt in New York

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    Goldman goes astray on Grand Theft Auto and productivity

    There’s always a danger, when you question official statistics, that you come off sounding like a nutter. But some forms ofMatthew C Klein

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    Stakes high in Northern Ireland welfare reform crisis

    Northern Ireland is no stranger to political crises. Every time the Democratic Unionist party or Sinn Féin has a grievance —Vincent Boland in Dublin

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    Trafigura becomes major exporter of Russian oil

    Swiss commodity trader Trafigura has become a major exporter of Russian oil as sanctions have squeezed Kremlin-backedNeil Hume and David Sheppard

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    DoJ asked to probe legality of Bush fundraising

    Campaign finance watchdog groups have asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether Jeb Bush, the former FloridaDemetri Sevastopulo in Washington

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    Summers and Swiss bitcoin hoards

    The FT’s Richard Waters reports that Larry Summers, former US treasury secretary and secular stagnation theorist, is to formIzabella Kaminska

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    Mark Knopfler, O2 Arena, London — review

    The sound meter app on my phone usually reads 90 decibels at O2 Arena shows, a level it categorises as being as loud asLudovic Hunter-Tilney

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