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    Consumer confidence points to healthy Christmas for high street

    Consumers are approaching Christmas in a more positive mood than at any time in the past decade, suggesting this is the yearChris Giles – Economics Editor

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    Letter from Lex: picking and choosing

    Readers, This week started cruelly early, on Sunday, when the European Central Bank released results from its asset quality

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    Bob Dylan’s legendary Basement Tapes

    Wired, pale, exhausted and curdling in cynicism, Bob Dylan cut a sorry figure at the end of his 1966 tour of Europe. ThePeter Aspden

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    Lunch with the FT: Richard Branson

    Chicken or beef?” The call of the Virgin Atlantic trolley-pusher escapes my lips as Sir Richard Branson consults his menu.Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

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    Remembering the fall of the Berlin Wall

    The Collapse: The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall, by Mary Elise Sarotte, Basic Books, RRP£18.99/$27.99, 320 pagesBy Tony Barber

  3. FT Alphaville



    Your extended Abe put

    Earlier on Friday, we noted that one of the most interesting things coming out of Japan on the day was the rumour that theIzabella Kaminska

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    Smartphones: Second-place blues

    How to make steady money making smartphones, when you are not Apple? It is a puzzler. It looked as if Samsung had it figured

  5. FT Photo Diary



    Ultimate exposure

    Jason Lee/Reuters A model presents a creation by Chinese designer Sun Xuefei from Fei Gallery & Boutique Collection at ChinaAnnabel Cook

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    Gold prices plunge to four-year low

    Gold is set to close the week at its lowest level in four years, pushed down by a strong US dollar and increased chances ofHenry Sanderson

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    HSBC to set aside £400m for forex probe

    HSBC is expected to set aside about £400m ($640m) to cover the cost of an investigation into suspected manipulation ofMartin Arnold in London

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