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    Calpers: just not that into you

    Dear Lex, I have recently decided to end a 12-year relationship with a handsome, exciting asset class. It’s not me; it’s

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    European energy nominee sells oil holdings to appease MEPs

    Spain’s nominee to become the EU’s next energy and climate change commissioner has sold two large shareholdings in oil By Christian Oliver in Brussels and Tobias Buck in Madrid

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    Speedy Hire warns vote uncertainty hitting Scottish construction

    One of Britain’s leading tool hire companies has warned that the uncertainty surrounding the Scottish referendum has stalled By Andy Sharman

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    Wanda Commercial seeks Hong Kong listing

    Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties, one of China’s largest property companies, has filed to list on the Hong Kong stock By Josh Noble in Hong Kong

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    Fall for Dance Outdoors, Delacorte Theater, New York – review

    About a decade ago, City Center returned to its populist roots with a brilliant formula for getting dance neophytes to come By Apollinaire Scherr

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    KKR offers structured credit deal to India’s GMR

    KKR will lend Rs10bn ($164m) to fund a rights issue at struggling Indian infrastructure conglomerate GMR, in a sign of the By James Crabtree in Mumbai

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    Petra sells South African blue diamond for $27.6m

    Petra Diamonds has sold a recently mined South African blue diamond for $27.6m – the latest one-off sale to raise investor By James Wilson

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    Scottish independence: Better Together pins hopes on ‘shy Noes’

    The No campaign is hoping that opinion polls are underestimating its backing as supporters adopt a low profile in contrast By Alistair Gray

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    Working-class Scots seen as key to Yes camp’s victory

    “We figured out 18 months ago we could we win this thing on the housing estates,” says a Yes Scotland volunteer, as he By John McDermott in Mossblown

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    The Wolf from the Door, Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, Royal Court, London – review

    Revolution is in the air at the Royal Court. While downstairs Tim Price’s new play explores internet hacktivism, upstairs By Sarah Hemming

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