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    Swiss bank BSI to pay $211m in US tax evasion probe

    Swiss private bank BSI will pay a $211m penalty as the first financial institution to resolve a tax probe in a landmark USGina Chon in Washington

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    Merger season looms for Italy’s popolari

    Deals are starting to flow in Italy’s crisis-hit banking sector. As the country slowly pulls out of a crippling triple dipBy Rachel Sanderson in Milan

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    Nick Clegg set to exact steep price for backing EU referendum

    Liberal Democrats are preparing to exact a steep price to allow the Conservatives a referendum on Britain’s membership ofKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Labour’s business manifesto is unlikely to win FTSE 100 votes

    Labour’s launch of its business manifesto on the first full day of campaigning felt like getting a chore out of the way.Alison Smith

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    John Cridland to boldly go after five-year mission on CBI bridge

    The CBI has begun to look for a new director-general to replace John Cridland, who has decided to step down after five yearsMark Odell

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    Gulf Keystone launches £30m share placing

    Gulf Keystone Petroleum, the cash-strapped oil producer that put itself up for sale last month, has launched a placing ofMichael Kavanagh

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    Shawbrook narrows price range ahead of float

    Shawbrook, the challenger bank, has narrowed the price range of its shares ahead of its debut on the stock market onEmma Dunkley

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    Argentina in last-ditch manoeuvre to pay bondholders

    Argentina is struggling in last-ditch efforts to use the byzantine global payments system to distribute money to bondholdersElaine Moore and Philip Stafford

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    Github attack explained

    Github, the online forum for software developers, has been hit by a powerful cyber attack that security experts believe6m 12secs

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    Houthi rebels defy Saudi air raids to advance on Aden

    Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels pushed hard into the southern city of Aden. The move showed that the Shia group had noErika Solomon in Beirut and Peter Salisbury in New York

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