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  1. Wearable technology is transforming the way people communicat...
    May 22, 2015



    Wearables at work - the next frontier?

    Wearable technology is transforming the way people communicate, keep fit and socialise. The FT’s Sarah O' Connor explains59secs

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Riding a tuk tuk in Sittwe

    An ethnic Rohingya Muslim woman looking back as she rides a tuk tuk near a camp set up outside the city of Sittwe inAnnabel Cook

  3. NEW


    Poland’s president warns of risk to economy if rival wins election

    Poland’s president has warned that his country’s voters could put at risk a decade of economic and political success in aHenry Foy and Zosia Wąsik in Warsaw

  1. NEW


    NYSE liquidity drive pushes midday auction

    The New York Stock Exchange plans to institute a midday auction in an effort to boost liquidity in thinly traded stocks. TheBy Nicole Bullock and Philip Stafford in New York

  2. NEW


    Why ‘pedigree’ students get the best jobs

    This month, some Brooklyn-based friends have been touring New York’s top selective public high schools to assess whetherGillian Tett

  3. NEW


    Why democratic elections are always flawed

    Most Britons are unhappy with the result of the UK general election. That is the logical conclusion, given that 63 per centTim Harford

  4. NEW


    Recipe: petits pois à la française and petits pois à l’anglaise

    In 1985, when FT Weekend was born, I was the head chef of a French restaurant in the City of London called Le Poulbot.Rowley Leigh

  5. NEW


    Douglas Coupland: Red dot

    I’ve always felt vaguely embarrassed for cats chasing the red laser-pointer dot on the floor. We like to think of cats asDouglas Coupland

  6. NEW


    Meet the dean: François Bonvalet, Toulouse Business School

    François Bonvalet knows how to pick his business schools. Until its merger with the business school in Rouen to createDella Bradshaw

  7. NEW


    Why Sepp Blatter is a genius

    The hotel concierge — der Portier, in German — is a recognisably Swiss type. Some people even say he embodies Switzerland.Simon Kuper

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