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    Fury – film review

    As a vision of the fag-end of war, David Ayer’s Fury is both set-piece impressive and claustrophobically exciting, with aAntonia Quirke

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    NHS report provokes ill-tempered debate

    Political debate on the future of the UK health service descended into point-scoring between the health secretary and theElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    The Babadook – film review

    A properly lyrical little horror film, The Babadook, set in suburban Australia, watches an exhausted single mum fail to copeAntonia Quirke

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    Serena – film review

    Straight-to-video in the US, Serena, a bizarrely histrionic amour set among timber barons in the post-Depression SmokyAntonia Quirke

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    This Is Where I Leave You – film review

    The trouble with This Is Where I Leave You – in which a family of incompetent adult children sit Shiva (the seven-day JewishAntonia Quirke

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    Jimi: All Is by My Side – film review

    No need for me to waste your time getting into the reasons why biopics of famous musicians never work. The most mawkish ofAntonia Quirke

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    Donetsk People’s Republic campaign reveals shambolic tendencies

    Riding in a fleet of Lexus and Toyota Cruisers and accompanied by no fewer than 30 armed guards, Alexander Zakharchenko –Courtney Weaver in Ilovaisk

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    All eyes on the ECB as stress tests loom

    It will be a delicate balancing act. On Sunday, the European Central Bank will unveil results from the health checks it hasMartin Arnold, Sam Fleming, Alice Ross

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    Dilma Rousseff faces scrutiny over her economic record in Brazil

    Felipe Miranda, one of the founders of financial research group Empiricus, is somewhat of an exception in Brazil’s businessJoe Leahy and Samantha Pearson in São Paulo

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    Tesco in charts: What does Dave Lewis have to do?

    Tesco’s latest figures have done nothing to alleviate investor concern about how newly-arrived chief executive Dave Lewis isLindsay Whipp and Claer Barrett

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