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    UPS hit by cyber attack

    United Parcel Service is among a new wave of retailers that have been targeted by cyber criminals, with data from more than By Hannah Kuchler in San Francisco

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    Asia’s strategic choices: subtle or stark?

    In the consumer realm, Asia has always been about choices. Which smartphone, which brand of music, which kind of cuisine and Kurt Campbell

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    US prepares to sue Countrywide’s Mozilo

    US prosecutors are preparing a civil lawsuit against Angelo Mozilo, co-founder of Countrywide Financial, in a final effort By Kara Scannell and Tom Braithwaite in New York

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    HP to return to dealmaking as sales recover

    Hewlett-Packard says it anticipates a return to dealmaking, as the company reported growth in quarterly revenue thanks to a By Sarah Mishkin in San Francisco

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    Channel 4 takes stakes in TV programme makers

    Channel 4 has invested in television production companies for the first time, as it rushes to match rivals in the race for By Henry Mance

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    Digital shake-up drives newspaper deals

    Rupert Murdoch’s withdrawn bid for Time Warner might have stolen the limelight of deal manoeuvring in the US media industry, By Shannon Bond in New York

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    UK Labour party pledges to revoke energy licences to protect consumers

    The Labour party has said it will give a new regulator the power to revoke energy company licences if customers are By Elizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Be fair about the events in Ferguson

    From Mr Eric M Shelton. Sir, While I agree with Annette Gordon-Reed that the police can and do go overboard at times, she

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    Shale is winning out over conventional wells

    From Mr Mike Stoddart. Sir, Martin Gooch’s letter (August 13) about the “crippling problems of shale oil and gas” is wide of

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    A more thoughtful fiscal reformer might have hesitated

    From Mr Stephen Johnson. Sir, Martin Sandbu (“Despite gloomy numbers the economy still has bounce”, August 15) credits

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