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    Liberal Democrat manifesto priorities leaked

    The Liberal Democrats will demand to balance the budget by 2018, cut income tax, reduce waiting lists for mental healthKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Russia slaps conditions on Ukraine gas deal

    Russia has raised further conditions for resuming gas supplies to Ukraine, dashing hopes that a deal to safeguard Europe’sChristian Oliver in Brussels

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    Rally Monkey is back from his year-long vacation to celebrate biggest 1-day S&P gain since 2011

    After a few weeks of plummeting bond yields, crashing stock markets, and panicked calls for additional asset purchases byMatthew C Klein

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    Rail boss says worst ever gridlock looms

    North America’s rail industry cannot continue on its current path and avoid unprecedented gridlock, Hunter Harrison,Robert Wright in New York

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    Yahoo trounces forecasts on mobile growth

    Yahoo beat expectations with its third-quarter earnings on Tuesday on the back of the sale of part of its stake in AlibabaHannah Kuchler in San Francisco

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    Gaelic sports maintain ties with diaspora

    An unusual event will take place in the southern French city of Toulouse, which looks likely to open a new chapter inVincent Boland

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    Irish culture and ‘soft power’

    One damp Saturday night in the middle of August, something extraordinary happened in the village of Feakle, in the westernVincent Boland

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    How an Irish passport opens doors

    ‘Hello,” I said. “My name is Conor O’Clery. I am the international business editor of The Irish Times of Dublin, Ireland’sConor O’Clery

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    Ireland’s global heavyweight companies

    Ireland can count a number of its companies as world leaders in their fields. They operate in very different industries –Andrew Byrne

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    Technology, tax and talent in Dublin

    Dozens of giant light-sticks illuminate the path to Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre at night, glowing red and flashing inAndrew Byrne

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