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    Tidal tilts balance of digital power back to record labels

    The revolution will not be televised, Gil Scott-Heron reckoned in 1970. But the “godfather of rap” was wrong. The revolutionLudovic Hunter-Tilney

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    Iran nuclear talks fail to fall in line with Swiss punctuality

    Lausanne is the kind of well-heeled Swiss city that functions on order and timing. Unless, that is, you happen to be aSam Jones in Lausanne, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany in Paris and Geoff Dyer in Washington

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    US corporate backlash hits religious freedom bill

    The governor of Arkansas has asked the state legislature to recall a religious freedom bill that resembled the Indiana lawDemetri Sevastopulo in Washington

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    Carmakers battle for US buyers as sales weaken

    Carmakers launched fresh efforts to boost profitability in the US on the first day of the New York auto show, as March salesRobert Wright in New York

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    HSH Nordbank to draw on more state aid

    HSH Nordbank said it expected to draw on €2.1bn in state guarantees, marking the second time in a year that the GermanJames Shotter in Frankfurt

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    US 2016 candidates stay tuned to TV advertising

    US politicians may use Twitter to launch their presidential bids and Meerkat to live stream campaign stops, but when itShannon Bond in New York

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    Lynn Tilton launches SEC legal challenge

    Lynn Tilton, a self-styled “turnaround queen” of ailing companies, has wasted no time in fighting charges that she misledGina Chon in Washington

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    Remarkable outcome in Nigeria’s election

    Nigeria has defied all expectations. In the run up to last Saturday’s elections, politicians and analysts at home and abroad

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    Etsy: crafts with benefits

    Profits are the only social responsibility of business, Milton Friedman observed. Etsy, the online crafts marketplace, does

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    Iron ore slides beneath $50 a tonne

    The price of iron ore, a key source of profits for some of the world’s biggest mining companies, has dropped below $50 aNeil Hume, Commodities Editor

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